Ask yourself, Virtual Receptionist vs. Live In-house Receptionist

Who Takes the Cake? Virtual Receptionist vs. Live In-house Receptionist

So, we’re well into the 21st century, and the definition of traditional business has not only evolved, but it now knows no bounds – businesses need to adapt to modern day practices to avoid being ejected from the rat race. In efforts to reduce overheads, increase flexibility and maximise profits, the concept of replacing human resources with software intelligence, is fast becoming a trend.

In a battle between a virtual and an in-house receptionist, who really takes the cake?


This is possibly the biggest factor when comparing a virtual receptionist to a traditional one. The expense involved in providing a live receptionist with a salary, leave days, lunch breaks and other benefits is hefty, and lags on the productivity of the company when they aren’t available to answer the phone. Another downfall is, as your company grows, you need to employ more receptionists to keep up with the increasing call volumes – an expense that becomes astronomical.

A virtual receptionist is the cost-effective alternative – you pay for what you need. Not only do you avoid the salary related costs, but virtual receptionists take up no office space and are able to handle the increasing call volumes, with a minimal price escalation. The downside is, unfortunately virtual receptionists don’t bring the coffee every hour – but that’s a small sacrifice against all other costs.

Who takes the cake? The virtual receptionist.


The modern day consumer demands consistent and reliable service throughout a business transaction. Customers are impatient and unanswered calls create negative connotations in the consumer’s mind. Lunch breaks, sick leave and holidays that are allocated to in-house receptionists, create wasted opportunities for great business.

Virtual receptionists are reliable and provide the consistent call handling your company needs to keep your customers satisfied. Gone are the days when sick leave and holidays hold your business back, virtual receptionists make sure there is a suitable replacement in times of need. Investing in a virtual receptionist service means that you never have to miss another call and your customers experience the best possible interaction with your company.


Who takes the cake? The virtual receptionist.

Human Value

For some businesses, this may be an important factor to consider, especially if your company operates in physical offices and relies on walk-in clientele.

In-house receptionists do offer some undeniable benefits. Not only do they perform other necessary administrative tasks that are beneficial to the operations of the company, but they also provide a human front to your business and offer the personal element that clients expect when entering business premises.

Virtual receptionists, as efficient as they are, take away from the physical human element that is experienced by both the business and the clients. Fortunately, businesses who require live human interaction, are easily able to assign all physical aspects to other departments in the business.


Who takes the cake? The in-house receptionist.


Having a traditional receptionist is great for all business transactions that are taking place at your premises, but what happens when you need to be on the road? What about when you’re on holiday, away on business or better yet, your receptionist is on leave? The limitations are endless.

A virtual receptionist works at tackling all these inefficiencies, so that you can do business on the go – anytime, anywhere. They are able to work the hours that in-house receptionists aren’t required to – be it weekends, after hours or public holidays, an always-online receptionist gives your business the flexibility it deserves, so that you can rest assured your customers are taken care of and you never miss out on business opportunities.


Who takes the cake? The virtual receptionist.

To keep up with the demands of the modern consumer, and remain competitive in a crowded marketplace, it is important to ensure your business is flexible, cost-efficient and available. Based on the factors above, it is evident that virtual receptionists are a great catalyst in streamlining business operations, satisfying your customers and securing a long-lasting competitive edge.

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