FAQ's - Thetha Connect

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this telephone answering service work?
  • The first step is to issue you with a dedicated number that will ring at Thetha Connect. The standard numbers start with 087, but we can also issue you with a geographic number from most major South African cities (011, 012, 021, etc.). See extra costs involved.
  • Secondly, you activate diverts to this number from your existing fixed line and/or mobile numbers. Note that ANY number of existing lines (both fixed and mobile) can be pointed to your number at Thetha Connect with no extra charge! Your newly issued number can be listed as your primary contact number (on your Website, marketing material, etc.)
  • The last step is that you provide us with information on how you want your calls to be handled, from a list of pre-defined questions like:
  1. Transferring of calls.
  2. Emailing of brochures or price lists.
  3. Updating of your online diary.
How are my calls answered?
All your calls are answered in your business' name by trained professional virtual receptionists. We therefore act as your virtual assistants!
Are there any agreements?
Our call answering service is month to month, which can be cancelled with one calendar month's notice. There are NO LONG TERM AGREEMENTS!
Do I have to have an existing telephone service to make use of your services?
An existing number is not required for the phone answering service to work. One can immediately start by simply communicating the number issued to you via your Website, at your office or on any other marketing materials, and we will answer all your calls.
How long does it take to issue me with a number?
Your number will be issued within minutes after completing a very simple registration process.
How do I register for answering services?
Registration involves a very simple three step process as follows:
  • Step 1: Contact us to assess your need and propose a suitable monthly package, then
  • Step 2: Complete Debit Mandate here
  • Step 3: pay the once off registration fee of R295.
What needs to be paid before a number is issued?
ONLY the once off registration fee of R295 is payable to activate the service.
What needs to be prepaid in order to keep the service active?
ONLY the once off registration fee of R295 is payable to activate the service. The usage is invoiced for at the end of every month, according to the package that was chosen. Please contact us to discuss the package options.
Can I make use of your services for only certain periods of the day or week?
You can make use of our services at any time required, but your minimum contacted package fee will still be payable upon invoice.
Is my information kept confidential?
Your information will never be provided to any third parties. The standard agreement of service confirms this.
Can my Neotel service be diverted to Thetha Connect?
Yes, we will gladly assist you with this. A few very simple key strokes need to be entered into your Neotel handset in order to activate the diverts. This service allows for various conditional diverts that we will assist you with activating.
Can my Telkom SMART ACCESS service be diverted to Thetha Connect?
Yes, we will gladly assist you with this. The Smart Access destination change permission needs to be requested from Telkom and will be activated within 24 to 48 hours. This service allows for various conditional diverts, which we can assist you with.
Can my Telkom number be diverted to Thetha Connect?
Yes, we will gladly assist you with this. Telkom's ForwardCall follow me service needs to be setup, which will be activated within 24 to 48 hours.
Can my Telkom number be diverted to Thetha Connect?
A number of calls can be transferred at no extra cost, depending on the package selected. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.
What does this answering service cost?
We have call answering packages to suit most business, please contact us for pricing. A once off registration fee of R295 is payable upon registration.
How many numbers (or separate telephones) can be diverted to Thetha Connect?
Any number of lines or phones can be diverted to the number we issue to you. You can also communicate this number on your marketing material, website, etc. Our virtual receptionists will answer all calls in your business' name.
What are your hours of business?
Your calls will be answered by a professional virtual assistant from 07h30 to 17h00 Monday to Friday. Messages will be taken after hours and these will be emailed to you at the start of the next business day.
Can callers select a menu option, when wanting to speak to a specific department?
Yes definitely, this is called our ‘Auto Attendant’ service, which works as follows:
  • You supply us with the list of departments or offices that callers might want to speak to.
  • Having called your number, callers are greeted in your business’ name and then requested to select the department/regional office from a menu, e.g.
    • Press 1 for Sales, press 2 for Accounts, or
    • Press 1 for the Cape Town office, press 2 for Durban office, etc.
  • Upon making a selection, calls can then be routed to your department/office or still be answered at Thetha Connect.
  • Call answering instructions can be department specific, in the case where Thetha Connect answers said calls.
  • Customised voice mail for calls received out of business hours, are included with this auto attendant service.
Your business’ profile is thus greatly enhanced by making use of Thetha Connect’s auto attendant service!
Are after hours voicemail calls answered in my business’ name?
Yes, this is included in Thetha Connect’s ‘Auto Attendant’ service.
Are all calls recorded and retained?
Yes, all calls are recorded and stored for a maximum period of 30 days.
Are the recorded calls provided to customers on a daily basis?
No, recorded calls will be emailed upon request, at a minimal fee per recording emailed.
Is there a fee involved in providing a recorded call?
Yes, a small fee is charged per requested recording. Recorded calls are provided via email.