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Why Every Doctor Needs A Virtual Receptionist

It’s no secret that the life of a doctor comes with its challenges. The saying, “there aren’t enough hours in a day” couldn’t be more relevant to the lifestyle of a medical professional. Between offering patients the best medical service and juggling the heaps of admin that come with it, where is there time to fit in a decent night’s sleep?

Doctors don’t study medicine to have most of their time taken up by phone calls, dealing with medical aids, and the lengthy list of other admin tasks – they would much rather dedicate their time to treating their patients. Yes, most practices employ an in-house receptionist, but the costs are exorbitant, and more often than not, the workload far exceeds the capabilities of a single receptionist.

So what about a virtual receptionist?

Doctors and other medical professionals don’t often consider going virtual with their administrative tasks and call answering, in fear of breaching confidentiality requirements that medical practices must adhere to. What doctors don’t realise, is that many virtual receptionist service providers now comply with these confidentiality regulations, offering the perfect solution to cutting costs, optimising your medical service and increasing patient satisfaction.

Now understandably, taking the leap into the virtual world can spark anxiety over whether a virtual receptionist is able to cope with the administrative challenges involved in the medical field. The right call answering service will offer specified medical virtual receptionists who will be trained on the practices, values and priorities of your healthcare business, ensuring they are able to understand each caller’s query, and give relevant and informative answers.

Thetha Connect is a provider of dedicated virtual receptionists, trained specifically for the medical industry. They are trained on the ins and outs of your practice, which allows them to fit in seamlessly and provide a consistently professional and empathetic service to all your clients – leaving a positive reflection of your business in the callers’ minds. In addition to the standard call answering services offered by companies, Thetha Connect also take care of other nitty-gritty administrative tasks that are time consuming, but essential to the smooth operation of your medical practice. Our comprehensive virtual receptionist services include:

  • Phone answering service by trained agents – across both land line and cellular phones.
  • Appointment booking and handling with patient reminders.
  • Emailing of forms to medical aids.
  • Courtesy follow up calls to your patients.
  • Reduced staff expenses for both established and recently graduated professionals.

Outsourcing your call answering and administrative tasks to a comprehensive provider like Thetha Connect takes the weight off your shoulders and allows you to focus on what is really important – your patients. Employing a virtual receptionist goes a long way to building a first-rate reputation for your medical practice and assists in ensuring your patients walk out feeling cared for and nurtured – two fundamental factors that contribute to loyalty. Take the first step to optimising your medical practice with Thetha Connect today.