A Great Customer Experience by Virtual Receptionists

How a Virtual Receptionists Contribute Towards A Great Customer Experience

If your customers’ needs are not at the heart of your company – you can practically kiss the long term success of your business goodbye. Consumers’ buying patterns have changed significantly through the generations and modern day shoppers are, for the most part, no longer brand loyal.

With the younger generations demanding so much more, businesses have had no option but to adopt the fight or flight response. What poses as tough competition for you, puts bargaining power in the hands of consumers, making your business dispensable in their minds, should you not meet their expectations. In a business world where competition is stiff, the differentiating factor is often driven by the customer’s experience with your brand, rather than the actual product or service offering.

Do you know what your customers are looking for?

  • Personalised attention:

Customers want to be remembered and valued. Listening to your client is the first step to a happy customer. Put every effort into getting to the bottom of their queries and offer the best service from start to finish.

  • Compassion:

One customer is as important as the next. Show your customers you really care about them and that their business is valued, regardless of how extensive it is. Engage on a level that is comfortable for your client – when you show interest in people, they tend to remember you.

  • The EXTRA mile:

Sometimes you have to give a little. Reward your customers with something extra when they deserve it. Yes, it may cost you a bit more time and effort (and maybe even a bit of cash) but the rave reviews you’ll get in return, are priceless.

Although there are many factors involved in creating a great customer experience, the initial interaction with your business is always the most important – as they say, the first impression lasts the longest! The first encounter with your business is usually via an in-house receptionist or a live virtual receptionist. Their job is to ensure the customers’ expectations are exceeded, by offering an initial interaction that is friendly, compassionate and professional.

A receptionist is no longer the well-spoken young lady who has been trained to answer and redirect incoming calls. These days a receptionist needs to be well informed, know the ins and outs of the business and be able to comment constructively when a query arises. Many businesses have started to follow the modern concept of a virtual receptionist as they can tackle all of these concerns, with minimal inconvenience, and at a more affordable rate. This means you can get on with your business, knowing that your ‘front of house’ is taken care of.

If you’re looking to optimise your customer experience and draw loyal clients to your business, a reliable virtual receptionist service is the way to go. The virtual receptionists at Thetha Connect understand the importance of creating meaningful and memorable experiences for your customers and clients, and work tirelessly to build a reputation for your business that stands the test of time. Speak to the experts at Thetha Connect today about making the move to the virtual world.