Virtual Assistant - Thetha Connect Virtual Assistants Services

Virtual Assistant

All of the Virtual Assistant Services you need, individualized and personalized, without the added expenses. Phone calls and business communications receive their due attention, all according to your exact instructions.
  • Capturing of sales and/or after-sales information and immediately emailing this to your sales and technical people for follow up;
  • Filtering of 'cold calling' calls, ensuring that your time is not wasted taking telemarketing calls.
  • Return calls to prospects while they still remember the reason for their call.
  • Informing your customers when you are in meetings and/or on leave in order for your business to provide a consistent professional service.
  • Answer your phone and email all call information while you are moving office of establishing a new office.
  • Answer your phone in your business' name when your receptionist goes on leave or works only mornings or afternoons.
  • Immediately provide callers with your marketing material, directions to your address or booking forms.
  • Transferring of calls to your sales or technical people, ensuring prompt and professional customer response.
  • Inform job applicants when positions become available or when positions that you have advertised have been filled.
  • Immediately inform callers as to the nature of your business and the time that needs to be allowed for a response.
  • Our virtual receptionists can manage contact lists and customer spreadsheets on your behalf.
  • Our virtual assistants can prepare and send out e-mail newsletters to your current and prospective customers.