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Hire Professional and Convenient Receptionist Services from Thetha Connect

Every up and coming business needs to make sure that its customers are professionally and efficiently handled and assisted. When customers call your business or want to make appointments, someone needs to be available to provide friendly and helpful assistance. Without someone on the forefront of your business, answering calls, taking messages and handling the booking of appointments, your company can suffer a negative or unprofessional image.

If you don’t want to take on the extra expense and responsibility of hiring full-time staff members, consider hiring professional receptionist services from us at Thetha Connect. With the help of our team, your receptionist tasks can be handled with efficiency, and you can rest assured that a positive and professional image will be presented of your business.

Our receptionist services at Thetha Connect are designed to ensure that your business can react in real time to new business calls, even if you are personally busy. Providing you with a professional convenience is our main aim at Thetha Connect. Our trained consultants will be briefed on your business, its details and what it has to offer. When they are fully prepared, they will be able to answer incoming calls, take messages which can be sent to you via text or email, and provide your customers with any details that they require relating to your business. Our virtual receptionists can also manage your contacts lists and customer spreadsheets for you.

Registering for our service is as simple as providing us with your details via our website. The registration is quick and easy, and you can start enjoying the benefit of our services almost immediately. When registering for receptionist services or call answering services with us, you will be provided with a number to use for your business. This is a number dedicated to your business alone and can be used in all of your advertising and marketing material.

One of the major benefits of such a service is that you will be able to focus on the core functions of your business (providing services and products), while our consultants handle the administrative work that can sometimes be time consuming. You will find that each of our consultants is well-spoken and with a positive and professional approach to offer.

Our Thetha Connect team will treat your customers and business as if they were our own. All messages and correspondence will be sent to you in digital format to avoid having to deal with memos and pieces of paper that can often get lost during the hustle and bustle of the day.

If you are looking for a professional receptionist service, take the time to get in touch with us at Thetha Connect. Learn more about our product offerings and services, and allow us to provide your business with that professional image. Contact us via email or telephone to discuss your needs and requirements with us today.