Professional Call Answering Services For Your Business?

Professional Call Answering Services, Is It The Solution For Your Business?

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For many businesses, the first point of contact with a customer is via the telephone. If you’re reading this, chances are, you fit into the category of business that requires regular telephonic engagement with your current and potential customers. Often, the manner in which a conversation is conducted can make or break the way a potential customer perceives your company. With the current market being so flooded by competition, your business becomes dispensable in the consumers’ mind, and with even a slight glitch, you risk losing potential business.

Perfecting telephone etiquette requires a fair amount of skill and practice, and the effort involved in hiring suitable employees and training them properly is often underestimated. More often than not, despite pumping money and time into comprehensive training, the results are substandard and fail to meet business requirements.

What other options are there, you ask?

The modern world provides many alternative solutions for interacting telephonically with clients – professional call answering services being one of them. Despite the perceived fear and risk associated with handing over your communications to a live call outsourcing centre, it is actually proving to be the most effective solution for streamlining your telephonic operations. Why?


  • Professional

Live professional callers are trained to be able adapt and fit into your company culture seamlessly, so that your callers have the best possible telephonic encounter with your business. Outsourcing your call answering operations to a reputable company means that you can rest assured your clients are receiving a consistently professional and friendly service – leaving a lasting impression in your callers’ minds and subconsciously persuading them to follow through on any current and future transactions.


  • Personalised

There is nothing more off-putting than a robotic voice that shouts down the line – it is cold and impersonal, and often leaves a sour taste in the customer’s mind with regards to your business. The same can be said for a grumpy receptionist who seems to have no interest in what you have to say. Live call answering aims to rectify the above. The call centre agents are trained to engage on a welcoming and informative level that automatically puts your callers at ease about doing business with your company.


  • Optimised Response Rate

Consumers are impatient and tend to turn their back on any delays or obstacles during business transactions. Having a live agent dedicated to managing your telecommunications will ensure you never miss another call.  This will allow you to spend more time focusing on the important aspects of your business, while never having to worry about forfeiting potential business opportunities, due to tardy response rates that are sometimes unavoidable.


  • Cost-effective

Hiring receptionists can be hard on the pocket, especially when there aren’t enough calls to justify the cost. Whether a small business with minimal calls, or a large business requiring multiple calls answered simultaneously, outsourcing your telephonic activities will save you time and money. By investing in a live call answering service, you drastically reduce your in-house expenses and increase your customer service, which in turn promotes sales.


Thetha Connect is a specialist communications company offering a highly trained team of professional call centre agents who are able to adapt to any environment and provide a bespoke stand-in receptionist service. Visit their website or get in touch with Thetha Connect for more information on their professional call answering services, and how they can benefit your business.