Geographical Numbers - Thetha Connect

Benefits of Geographical Numbers

Telephony services all rely on a final destination 10 digit closed numbering system. In South Africa, these range from 01 through to 08 cellular and 09 premium rated numbers. The Geographical Numbers ranging from 010 to 018 have the best reputation because they were historically linked to physical regions within SA. 087 numbers have a call centre feel, and are often left unanswered or are often marked as spam. Geographical numbers offer callers and recipients the following advantages over standard issue 087 VoIP numbers:

  • Estate agents can only list their agencies with online portals using geographical numbers. Potential buyers will rather call a mobile or geographic number, instead of an 087 number.
  • Geographical numbers are a great option for companies who are office based and where local business is key to their success. Customers love to shop local, identifying the business as the one just up the road.
  • Geographical numbers can be a useful approach to test other market areas before opening up a new brick and mortar store.
  • People generally don’t like talking to call centres. Geographical numbers will show them that a business has a presence in their area that can assist locally, and is more approachable.
  • Thetha Connect’s geographical numbers can help delay the infrastructure costs of setting up shop until physical presence is really needed.