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Advanced Conference Calling

Smoother, quicker and easier than video!

Answering all your calls professionally

  • Your full-time receptionist who’s always available
  • Live call transfers to your PABX or any destination
  • Receive only important calls

So let’s connect! Our all-inclusive bundle starts from R595p/m.

With the Thetha Connect Conference Calling, you can easily connect and talk with up to 25 local and international people, all at the same time. This advanced conference calling system has excellent voice quality, is 100% secure, and our trusted agents are ready to assist.

Teleconferencing is available to all our existing customers and as a standalone service.

Ask your participants to call your business number, and we’ll do the rest.

What To Expect

Outstanding quality

Outstanding voice quality, with noise-cancelling technology.

No voice break-ups

No need for fast data connections, so there are no voice break-ups as with online video.

All types of calls

Calls can be made from Telkom copper lines, cellular and VoIP connections, all with excellent voice clarity

Works during loadshedding

Works during load shedding and power outages

No prior reservations

No prior reservations, registrations or email addresses are required.

No Limits

Unlimited call durations.

Call recordings

Your group calls can all be recorded.

Numbers are kept confidential

All the participants’ numbers are kept confidential and are not visible by the other callers.

100% secure

The conference calling system is 100% secure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which telecommunications operators are supported?

All local and international copper landline, Telkom, cellular and VoIP operators are supported, as long as they can make outgoing voice calls.

How do I initiate a conference call?

Call the number that Thetha Connect has issued to you, and ask the agent to start the group call. We can also set up an auto-attendant on your number that quickly allows you to start a session on a keypress.

How do participants join a session?

Ask your participants to call the number that Thetha Connect has issued to you, and our agent will join them to the group call. We can also set up an auto-attendant on your number that quickly allows them to join the session with a keypress.

How many people can join the group call?

Our standard system allows for up to 25 simultaneous calls, please make contact with us for larger numbers.

Do I need a fast internet connection?

You do not need an internet connection, only a phone line.

Do the conference call participants need to register?

There is no need for registration, their emails or numbers are not required.

How does it work?

Just connect using your Thetha Connect issued number, that’s 100% secure

What is conference calling?

Conference calling is a group telephone call where several people can partake in the conversation.


Henry Thomson
Henry Thomson
Thank you for excellent service
Arno van Dyk
Arno van Dyk
Thetha Connect provides an incredibly valuable service to our company, allowing us to serve more people while using up less human resources.
Pieter Herman
Pieter Herman
Alura Pharmaceuticals has been with Thetha Connect for the past 3 years. It is a pleasure to have them taking care of all incoming calls and directing it to the relevant person. They fulfil a very important function by taking messages and sending updated emails on every call. With the December holidays coming up, their availability and continued service makes business and client relations very easy. Thetha Connect is highly recommended.
Talia Notelovitz
Talia Notelovitz
A great service which has taken a load of my shoulders. Excellent value for money and lots of positive feedback from my clients. Highly recommended
Liam Aspeling
Liam Aspeling
We have been with Thetha for almost 2 years. Awesome service, definitely worth the monthly investment.
Jaco Claassens
Jaco Claassens
Excellent Service
Mediwell Bookings
Mediwell Bookings
It’s incredibly rare that anyone whom i spoke with from Thetha Connect is so professional and they really listen to callers.