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Positioning your Business for Success


Product positioning

Start by knowing your businesses’ Unique Selling Proposition and how to distinguish your product or service from your competitors; there must be at least one aspect that sets you apart.
Reach people with good, clear and straightforward USP’s that stand out from all the noise and clutter of modern marketing. Have clarity of purpose for the thing that makes you unique.


Segment positioning
It’s not enough to simply say that your product is positioned as business-to-business or business-to-consumer, and you are serving the SME segment. Segmenting needs to be clearly defined so that you can reach the right people, it’s the process of organising the market into groups of demographic, social, economic, and even brand loyalty, continually moving towards the position of the individual. Be active with finding, and refining your positioning, by moving fast. Act, take steps and reconsider on an ongoing basis to see what works and what doesn’t.


Problem positioning
Who spends money on something that does not solve a problem? To understand what problem you solve, you need to know whom you are serving. Best way to test this is to understand what is the cost of the problem your customer is experiencing and does the solving of their problem leave them with value or not. Be clear that you exist to solve a problem for a particular segment.


Experience positioning
Market your service that differentiates it, and is heard and understood. Deliver an excellent experience that shows you understand their problems and was so good that your customers start recommending you, and that helps significantly to set you apart. Trust is earned through actions and not words.