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Professional Automated Answering Services Offered to Growing Businesses

It can be quite frustrating for your customers if they give you a call and you are simply unavailable. Perhaps your business is busy, but not enough to justify hiring a receptionist yet. Full-time staff members can cost the business a chunk of valuable income and if you are looking to cut down on costs without compromising on your professional appeal, automated answering services from Thetha Connect is the solution.

Keeping a professional approach and image with your client base is absolutely essential, especially if you have a growing business. Sometimes it can be quite difficult to decide which services and functions within the business need the most or first attention. How your clients make contact with your business is highly important. Communicating with your customer base is how you will make sales and ensure that the information that they require is relayed to them on time and in a professional manner.

If you don’t have someone manning your phones and accepting your calls, you will be missing out on potential business. This is why we strongly recommend that you consider automated answering services. It is just one way of ensuring that someone is handling those important calls while you attend to important matters – such as making your business work and attending to customer orders.

External call centres can seem like a scary prospect to business owners. You might wonder if you can trust that all of your calls will be answered and you might even worry about how the calls will be handled. At Thetha Connect, we offer automated answering services designed to impress. Each and every one of our consultants is well-spoken and dedicated to ensuring that your customers are provided with the information that they need. In order to ensure that your calls are handled to perfection, we request that you provide us with a brief, company information and basic sales information. If clients request to speak to a specific individual, we can ensure that their details are recorded and that the information is forwarded to you via email, SMS or similar – the choice of communication is yours!

What sets Thetha Connect apart from other receptionist or automated answering services is that we treat your business as if it is our own. This means that we will take the utmost care to ensure that your clients feel well looked after and that you are promptly advised of messages and so on. Our consultants can also assist your customers with making appointments, getting directions to your business and much more.

Once you have briefed us, we will provide you with a dedicated contact number to use as your official business customer services number. When your clients call you, the call will be directed to our call centre where we will be fully equipped and ready to attend to their every need.

At Thetha Connect, we welcome you to get in touch with us to discuss your needs and requirements. We look forward to sharing with you more about our automated answering services and showing you just how much we can help your business to prosper and grow. Never miss an important call again – Thetha Connect is the answer!