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Benefits of Auto Attendants


People who call businesses directly, most often do so because they want immediate attention. There are many ways to improve your customer response time, and one of the most overlooked ones is the Auto Attendant. This call routing system answeres the caller immediately with a friendly announcement, followed by offering a simple menu choice (“press 1 for sales, press 2 for service, press 3,” etc.), in order to direct the call efficiently.


Auto Attendant Benefits:


  • Improving your caller’s experience, your caller knows that their call is attended to.
  • Faster response times for the callers by directing them to the right agents.
  • Wait times announcement gives an indication to callers on how long until their call is answered.
  • Provide sales info or periodic specials to those callers who’ve selected to speak with sales.
  • Simplifying the incoming phone call procedure.